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  • Fillmore1234's Disney Cars Collection

    Enjoy! I'll be adding more photos in the future. Here is my display for my opened Cars. It's a rotating shelf that I bought at an auction for around $125-$150, and it's one of my best purchases.

    rip photobucket :/
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    Good stuff love the display


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      very nice too, youve some beezer stuff


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        Great collection there Fillmore1234

        Thanks for sharing


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          What an awesome way to display your opened Cars collection, Fillmore1234... thank you for posting... I'm looking forward to seeing more...

          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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            Cool collection! Thanks for sharing!

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              Thanks everybody! Here's a bunch of pics of stuff I have gotten this week. And sorry, it seems like there are so many pics that it's loading very slowly. Hopefully you get to see them though!


              I should be getting a lot more by the end of next week so check back soon!
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                Great new finds, Fillmore1234! I like your international Nitroade Team Crew set - I got one of those from friends in Canada when it looked like they weren't going to show up in the US...

                I've not seen any of the Radiator Springs Classic items in stores but friends have come through for me... same goes with the Ka-Ciao McQueen 2 pack but I got a case which I split with another friend from JMDL Toys... it's great you were able to add a Nurse Kori that you thought you had but were missing to your collection.

                What time is it? It's clock time - Great score on your Cars clock.

                Thanks for sharing your photos.

                I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                  Looks like my Collection needs a LOT of updating. PIC OVERLOAD!!!
                  Got this on Amazon, apparently it's International too!

                  Got all of these on e-Bay
                  Loose Showgirl and Fixed Eyes Metallic King

                  Really Chipped up Kyandee and Drift Party Mater

                  Gasprin and Re-Volting

                  I found this at Wal-Mart on Tuesday the 14th. There were 2 Cases and as of today only 2 Acer's and 1 Ka-Caio McQueen has sold

                  I discovered this in my basement looking through all of the cardbacks I have (yes I did keep them for some reason) It came with some of the Supercharged Cars, sort of like the ROR mini checklists.

                  One side:

                  Other side:

                  I got this on clearance at Wal-Mart on Thursday

                  I found this at K-Mart on Friday (The Speedway and Colossus are awesome!!)


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                    Awesome! I have that Supercharged Mini Mack poster and checklist hanging up in my son's room.

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                      Update time!! Here's everything I've gotten since my last update.

                      Here's a fun little picture!

                      Here's a few display shelf updates

                      And I finally had the time to build the Legos I showed in my last update about a week ago. Here they are compared with my Micro Drifters


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                        wow! Lego Professor Z is ginormous!

                        I've never seen the Lego set with Raoul in it in stores before...I like it

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                          I like your collection! .

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                            Nice collection! Nice display too!


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                              Under Collossus, are those the bottom inserts from WOC era cars?