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  • Bumper Save's Collection

    Despite having been a member here for a long time I've never gotten a true collection thread going! I have been trying for years to get a nice display going and after about a year of re-organizing and adding more shelves as more Cars roll in I've got it all set.

    And here are some recent additions which didn't get added to the shelf in time for picture day:

    Thank you for looking! I am wondering how to expand further because I am maxed out on display space and I am not finished collecting yet!

    I have a total of 671 Cars! (with 6 error cars and 2 miscellaneous vehicles)

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    What a fantastic looking display of your collection, Bumper Save! Thank you for sharing!

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      that is a great collection bumpersave


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        Neatly displayed collection!
        Kenny, age 13

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          That is a right nice dispay you have there.
          May the Fortune of the Hunt Be With You Jeff/


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            wow, amazing.
            ...Nice pinstripe Sally...


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              Thank you all! It really means a lot.


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                I have amassed a whole bunch more Cars in the last month! 50 more, to be exact, and I've had to organize them by movie because it was too much to post them all in one picture.

                New Cars 1:

                Starting back row and then wrapping around to the front:
                Pit Crew Member Sarge (Unibody), Mater with Sign, Pit Crew Member Mack, Lost in the Desert Mini and Van, Derek "Decals" Dobbs, Vern (two-piece), Christina Wheeland, Hooman, Chick Hicks Fan Mia & Tia, Dinoco Mia & Tia, "Superfan" Mia & Tia, "Aggro" Lightning McQueen (variant from Dinoco Showgirls pack), Nitroade with Rubber Tires, Spare Mint with Rubber Tires, Tach-O-Mint with Plastic Tires, View Zeen with Flat Eyes, Bumper Save with Flat Eyes, Bumper Save Wide Pitty without Tool (from B$ Hauler set, sadly I did not get the hauler), Sulley & Mike

                New Cars Toons:

                Rescue Squad Ambulance, Dalmatian Mia & Tia, Rescue Squad Mater (4-pack variant expression), Burnt Lightning McQueen (4-pack variant expression), Stanley Days Sarge, Dr. Mater with Mask Down, Nurse Mia & Tia

                New Cars 2:

                Sajan Karia, Scott Motorse (perhaps my favorite car ever, I have never been able to determine up until getting Scott Motorse what is my favorite car ever), Jonathan Shiftko, Marcelo & Marco, Terry Gong, Edamame & Daisu Tsashimi, Mater with Allinol Cans, M. Fenderickson, Ice Racers Nigel Gearsley and Jeff Gorvette, SUPER CHASE Ciao Francesco Bernoulli, Shigeko, Chauncey Fares, Manny Roadriguez, Siren Carbarini

                I also received a cool error Final Lap Vern by accident from Amazon. I ordered it expecting just a regular Vern, which I needed for the collection (I only had the unibody version, not the two-piece) but I received one with TWO MOUTHS! It has the front mouth piece (like it should) but also another mouth piece on the rear bumper instead of the regular bumper.

                I'm obviously keeping this one in package, the Vern depicted loose above was another Final Lap Vern I purchased since I still needed one for the collection having received the error car.

                This makes the total 721 Cars! (And 7 error Cars, 2 miscellaneous vehicles)


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                  Here's the stuff I've been able to get in the last few weeks:

                  I found Doc with Stand, Doug RM, Acer with Luggage Cart, and Slight Variant King in local stores (King info, for anyone wondering about the variant: I was able to finish off the Rubber Tires line by acquiring No Stall, Retread, Easy Idle, Tank Coat and Vitoline in an awesome trade with user Lea DeFoote! I also got FHH with Silver Wheels and Impound Snot Rod from him. Thanks Tom!

                  Just today I found these in Walmart and Target:

                  From Walmart: Larry Camper, Silver Racer Jeff Gorvette (with Corvette logo), Ucchi, Trent Crow-Tow, Paul Oilkley, and My Name is Not Chuck with Cart (Tool)

                  From Target: Grem and Acer in Trouble

                  Fun fact: Acer actually fits through the stairway in Ucchi like he does in the movie! I love the detail on Ucchi and the weight of Paul Oilkley. He's a real diecast.

                  Best news of all is: I have Albert Hinkey on the way! Might be a while. Moving in to college in a few days. Not sure what that means for my Cars collecting right now (Cars are obviously staying at home while I leave) but I intend to keep plowing forward with new releases and getting the holes in the collection filled the way I have been.

                  This makes the total 740 Cars! (And 7 error Cars, 2 miscellaneous vehicles)


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                    nice additions bumper save


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                      Great additions, Bumper Save! I am still looking for Ucchi, Trent Crow-Tow, and Paul Oilkley. I also need Benny Brakedrum. Congrats on Albert Hinkey! Have a great time at college!
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                        Amazing additions, BumperSave! I'm looking forward to opening Paul Oilkley myself! Good luck in college!
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                          Thank you everyone!


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                            Great additions, Bumper Save!

                            Going off to school is a big event... I know you'll do well.

                            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                              Nice collections but I am in search of some gifts items.