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Scavenger's Tutorial on Making Customs

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    This is awesome stuff. I just started playing around with customizing a bit following the tutorial for my 4-year old... I have the cars apart, stripped and painted. I need to get some decals and templates. I'm a little nervous about the decaling...


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      Decaling is easy jadiro78, just make sure you have them sized correctly before actually printing on to the decal paper. It takes some trial and error, and learning what works and what doesnt but it sure is nice when you finish! Good luck and let us know if you have any questions, glad to help!


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        Tutorial on making customs

        Test... trying to merge thread with a non-working thread.

        Update: the original thread created by Scavenger was no longer accessible to any of us... I ended up creating this new thread and attempted to merge it with the non-working original thread... thankfully it worked.

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