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Planes land at the jestrfamily home!

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  • Planes land at the jestrfamily home!

    Today was my son's 7th birthday party! He decided on a Monsters U. theme for this year as he just thought that movie was awesome! Mixed in amongst the clothes, Chima Lego Sets and money-filled birthday cards ... btw, the man has more money in his wallet now that I do, but I digress lol ... he received a very cool Cars backpack and ..... PLANES from grandma! Grandparents sure know how to open up a new can of worms! lol He was even nice enough to share one with is 8 1/2 year old sister! What a nice guy ... but ... I am worried ... he has already declared Ripslinger his favorite! Guess we will see if that holds up after we see the movie!

    DSCN2473.jpg DSCN2474.jpg

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    very nice
    looks like you will be collecting planes too


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      Hope he had a great birthday party! Great presents! Xx


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        Looks like your son had a great birthday... Ripslinger is a cool looking plane... And don't forget - the Planes need an aircraft carrier to land on!

        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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          Knew it would only be a matter of times before Planes landed in your house!

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            Yes, he had a blast! He woke up this morning and I peaked out our bedroom door ... He was on the couch by himself ... planes all around ... he was picking each one up one at a time ... study it from every angle ... then he would fly it around, land it, and pick up the next one to study. I think he likes them lolol