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    Well it finally happened, Disney shop in Belfast is closing down in a few days, couldnt be many left in the UK now, typical Walt , I always knew Walt,s customer service was false and fake, this has proved my point
    Clearly they think all the profits will be higher on line... however..
    kids big and small love shopping in there
    whats going to happen to all their staff... cant remember off hand what stupid name walt has/had for them
    another shop away in central belfast... walt dont care, he already taken us for a ride over the years...
    hope those girls get something on the job front soon cos walt clearly dont give a monkeys

    the only plus side is not hearing the word .....guest....anymore.... this is belfast not plastic corporate america for goodness sake

    sod their website, wont be visiting it no more

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    Sorry to hear that the Belfast Disney Store (Disney shop) has closed, boogity...

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      Given what Boogity has said, it may not come as much surprise that staff (in the remaining shops) are not being informed of shop closures until just before the event.

      A quick look on Google, it would appear that these stores are the only ones left in the UK:

      Merry Hill (near Dudley)
      Oxford Street, London
      Westfield (Shepherds Bush, London)

      At their height of popularity, there were over 100 Disney Stores in the UK.


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        Four of the remaining six stores in the UK closed by the end of September.

        The only two stores left are:

        Liverpool (Liverpool One Shopping Centre)
        London (Oxford Street, near Bond Street)


        • cac1959
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          Thank you for the update, niftynigel... I'm sad as I think about all the stores that used to be open, that used to sell Toys including Cars... Disney Store, Toys R US, Kmart, Sears, Zeller's (acquired by Target in an attempt to expand into Canada)...

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        The only remaining Disney Store is the one in Oxford Street. The last time I visited a few weeks ago, just about everything was in the sale. It looked like a store destined for closure.

        In the UK, we've lost selling Cars:

        No longer

        Toys R Us - Bankruptcy
        Wilko - No longer selling Cars or Mattel, indeed reducing the size of toy section to practically nothing.
        Disney Store - Only old stock, much of it damaged, being sold off cheap.
        Tesco - No longer selling Cars or Hot Wheels. Tesco are UKs biggest supermarket, used to account for 10% of every penny spent in the UK.

        Hit and miss

        Morrisons - I haven't seen any Cars or Hot Wheels for ages. Not sure if they have given up.
        ASDA - Occasional 'clip strip' case.
        Entertainer - Have a few sale series e.g. Mud Racers etc. They do get loads of Hot Wheels.
        Toymaster - Occasional new case at £7.99. A few sale items e.g. Mud Racers etc.
        Hamleys - None at the moment, but I'm told that's down to Mattel not having stock. Used to have loads of Hot Wheels, but low stocks of them.

        Regular stockists

        Sainsburys - Have had a couple of 2022 cases. £7.50.
        Smyths - Get most cases, three of four 2022 cases have appeared there so far. £6.99. Regularly get three cars for price of two deals.
        B&M - Used to specialise in old series at sale prices. Now they have 2022 Cars at £3.99 and lots of them too!


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          Good summary, nigel, kids and adults have moved on , adult lego seems to be the thing, have you seen the titantic with all the led accessories and the new ferrari daytona sp3
          the real life daytona was on display in the dealers recently here along with the monza, flippin heck,,,,