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  • New Cars Wiki, Beta Open for Volunteers

    In my member introduction I discussed a wiki I am working on. I am nearing the end of initial development before launch and am in need of volunteers to test functionality, find any bugs and tell me where things might be improved.

    Here are the current features of the site:
    • Creation of three types of content:
      1. Characters: This is the character as represented in the movie and can be tagged in any vehicle or release content.
      2. Vehicles: This is the diecast vehicle without any release information, it can appear within (be tagged in) any number of releases.
      3. Releases: This is the carded release and it references any number of vehicles that would appear in a release.
    • Viewing lists of above content
    • Filtering these lists by various paramaters, including brand, color, films, some arbitrary groupings, piston cup racer teams, release type, and series.
    • Viewing a page for each character which shows all of the diecast releases for the character as well as all corresponding vehicle variations.
    • Tracking of your own collection (loose vehicles, carded, or both) and a public page so others can see what you have.
    • A members directory to find other member's profiles and collections

    Features added 2013.08.14:
    • Wish lists for members to show what they are looking for
    • Making publically viewable notes on each item in your collection

    Features added 2013.08.21:
    • Collections now allow you to upload personal photos per item in your collection.
    • Seeing a list of vehicles/releases not in your collection so that you can add to your wish list or to your collection more easily.

    Selling and trading pages postponed until phase 2.

    I am looking for a few detail oriented people to look over the site and tell me where improvements in UI and tagging/categorization could be made as well as voicing your opinion on what features I may have missed. If you are interested then please PM me and I will get you credentials to view the site as well as let you signup for the site so you can test out some features.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help!
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    Sign me up, I started on a website myself a while ago, yet the project stalled due to the lack of time


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      Branje, thank you very much. I have PM'ed information.


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        Just added a few new features to the site today, working on some more. Details in first post. Still excited for others to help beta test if interested.


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          i don't see the link! could you post it please!
          My collection:


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            Originally posted by lavictdoukarai View Post
            i don't see the link! could you post it please!
            I am sending the info as a PM since it is not an publicly open beta, but a private beta. Info sent.


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              I have finished fixing a lot of bugs and made a lot of adjustments to various parts of the wiki today. I am in final content entry portion of Phase 1 before the launch. I have decided to move sales and trades portion to Phase 2 after launch for the time-being.

              Changes and details updated in first post.


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                I am now opening the site to public beta, information to come in new thread.


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                  What's the website link?


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                    Link is in the new thread announcing the public beta!