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  • Great Read about GotFrank (Josh)


    Be sure to read about GotFrank (Josh) - featured in the Sunday Quad City Times on April 3, 2013... You can read about it here:

    Josh is a great asset to our Cars community - while I've talked with him on the phone and exchanged text messages as well, I hope to meet him in person some time... we have also traded several times over the years.

    He posted about this in his Collector Showcase thread but I thought I'd mention it here where more people might see it... His wife mentioned it on the PCD Facebook Group - that's how I learned about this.

    Thanks for mentioning PCD, Josh!

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Thanks for the feature Chris. Like going to the Toy Conventions in Vegas. It's nice to talk to people about shared interests. Wasn't expecting the newspaper article. But it was a fun experience. Glad to contribute to the Cars community in whatever ways I can!
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      Great article that I enjoyed reading.

      Cool collection and explaining Got Frank and I think the reporter did a good job too.

      Thanks for sharing!


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        She got a couple things wrong in the printed newspaper version.
        ie: Cars 2 was not released in 2001 (pretty sure that was a typo).
        And I didn't create the Disney Store Frank. I had shown her my custom Frank.
        That I made way back in 2008 or so. But that wasn't the frank in the photo.

        All in all it was well done and fun to be a part of.


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          Finally had some time to read this. Great article!


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            Thanks! It was apparently on the front page of the following Wednesday's copy. Kinda wish I'd known, I would have liked to had a copy of that one too.


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              good read josh. u r a classic for sure in the cars.