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  • Looks like you've got a good procedure that you're following with the 15 packs, FischAutoTechGarten.

    I saw the new 15 pack at a Detroit area Target last weekend but left it... I figured I'd be better off using that $30 to eat lunch during the week as opposed to buying the Mini Racers...

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


    • sorry for the delay in replying , nice stuff, thanks for the info


      • neighbours kid the better option, I got a silver hamilton signed by lewis at monza in 2013, left it behind in the hotel room, some kid must of ripped it open and enjoyed playing with it, assume autograph went in the bin


        • Wondering if anyone has sceen any upcoming mini-racers. I've just seen the 3 that Shane has documented in his recent poster.

          Barry Camper, UFO, and Rodger. A bit disappointed to see so much focus on the Toons universe with the recent Hot Rod Mater, and now these two non-car mini-racers. Larry Camper is good.

          really hoping we will get a Grey (aeroliner) and I'm not Chuck (pittie) so that we will have the modes to start building more race teams.

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          • Hey guys!

            It has been a long time since I've last used this account, I have been very busy and I kind of lost interest in the site, but I have just finally gotten around to updating the main post with the Series 3 2021 boxes, and the 15-pack with Hot Rod Mater.


            • New 3-packs. Tex, Carla Veloso and Larry Camper. Delighted becuase I hadn't seen any leaks of Tex and Carla.... Pleasant surprised. Apparently these were spotted in California yesterday.

              I could not find photos of the back side of these packages, so I don't know what Series designations Mattel is giving to these 3-packs.


              • cac1959
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                Thank you for the heads up on the new 3 packs, FischAutoTechGarten... I really like the Larry Camper...

            • These were spotted in Germany (city or store is unknown to me). today. This is the Blind Box 2021 Series 4 (Case K).

              The # designations are courtesy of Shane Cooper who, like Sam, always keeps us up to date.

              Nice to see another Ramone Release.... The Cars2 Union Jack livery.

              Peace Fillmore is a good counter balance to the Patriot Sarge from 2021 Series 3.

              Some folks probably still need Gold Chick Hicks, so for some this case contains 6 'new' cars.

              With an official non-metallic Dinoco Blue LMQ, I can retire my JoJoCustom. Though seems a bit redundant with Bling Bling Dinoco LMQ already available.

              The space themed 'cars' are gimmicky, but I'm getting a new Ramone so I can deal with it. Overall a nice bit of news the last 2 days with 8 new cars (3 in the new 3-packs and 5 in this BlindBox Case) spotted in the wild that we can all get excited about.
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