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    wha a great pic
    Originally posted by Bumper Save View Post
    this isn't a find per se but it's a walmart story

    as you may know, I will be attending Lock Haven University in the fall and the Walmart down the road from the campus was in a sorry state. dozens of Finn McMissiles that had 3 years of dust on them from the first wave of Cars 2 releases. Had to give the pegs a clean-out so hopefully they start getting in new stuff by the time that becomes my local store in a few months! Used the old "relocation" tactic, bought up 33 Finns and redistributed them to another walmart in an undisclosed location where I returned them to a puzzled looking customer service guy


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      6 months into the year and Melbourne finally has finally got 2015 deluxes!

      Target is the only store that stocks deluxe in aus and the city centre store had 5 Brian Fuel and 5 tractor. I got a tractor as it's different to the second hand one we had.