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Show Us Your Favorite: Tunerz Vehicle

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  • Show Us Your Favorite: Tunerz Vehicle

    Show us your favorite Tunerz... it can be a single or a Deluxe or even larger... it can be opened or carded... It can be from Cars, Cars2, or Cars Toons

    it can be a mattel 1:55, a Disney Store 1:43... or even larger

    Here's my favorite Tunerz:

    Metallic DJ

    he looks great, too bad the other tunerz never got the same metallic treatment

    Show us your favorite Tunerz.

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    I really like Ichigo.
    Kenny, age 13

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      Great choice, carslover... DJ with Metallic Paint is my favorite Mattel Tunerz... and I too wish that Mattel would have come out with metallic versions of Snot Rod, Boost, and Wingo.

      Of the series that Mattel finished, I probably prefer the Impound Tunerz over the Tunerz with flames, although I was glad to see the Tunerz with flames in the 2013 series.

      I'd also like to see Mattel release the Tunerz with light up flames.

      How about a version of the Tunerz featuring metallic paint, boots, flames and light up all at once? Yeah, right...

      And even though I much prefer the Mattel 1:55 Cars to the Disney Store 1:43 Cars, my favorite Tunerz series is the Disney Store Tunerz that light up:

      And if I had to pick one from that series, it would be this one:

      I like Snot Rod... I'd love a chance to drive a real life version for a week (or until the first tank of gas got down to almost empty)...

      Sorry for the blurry photo...

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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        Are the light up Boost, Wingo & DJ from those two packs any different than the ones that came out last year?
        My favorite is also a DS light up (from last year's set):


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          Well I gotta say my favorite is the Metallic DJ as well...but like Chris and Carlos I am a huge fan of the light up Tunerz, and Kabuto Ninja is my fav!!


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            Here are my favorite mini Tunerz.


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              Scavenger- great choice, Kabuto Ninja looks too cool. I also like stripped Kabuto as well but for me it has to be Tabinu - He was hard to find in the U.K, I am still looking!


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                Mine is the SDCC Mater with Flames and he lights up aswell!


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                  I like Komodo!
                  "I'm a paderbuilt for dags sake!"


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