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    Lego Francesco is 1/2 price in Sainsburys, free collect in store delivery, I think this set was NEVER worth the original asking price but at this price it would be rude not to, it has far less pieces than the other Ultimate build sets.


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      Big Bentley is super nice lego set, siddeley a bit flimsy....

      BTW, I found VENADOR set mini 30053, if anyone needs, please, email
      I will trade to mini black pearl

      dr_baum@hotmail DOT com
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        Hey SodaBear, "it just seems like a lot of folks are trying to trade for Legos these days. Maybe that's just old or exclusive stuff though."

        My sons and Lovely's as well are not into Cars anymore and more into lego; so for us we are trying to trade extra/excess Cars inventory into Lego
        In the UK one of the papers gave away free lego sets for a week and they are not available in NA


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          One of my grandsons worked Lego sets that I received from boogity and pirelliboy last night... he enjoyed it... we have a couple more to work on... Many thanks, Roger and Simon.

          And we may pick up a few larger sets for Christmas... we'll have to see... I agree - the Big Bentley set is awesome.
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