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Ebay country and color-variations McQueens

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  • Ebay country and color-variations McQueens

    Hey everybody,

    not sure how many here bought one of these country/color variations McQueens from eBay, which were sold as "100% Mattel".

    We got 3 of them and drilled one apart, as they just didnīt seem to be right. It turned out they are completely Fake (Made with fake "Mattel" parts). We just paid around $10 dollars each so the damage isnīt that bad, but i saw some going for top dollars.

    Check out my video on YT:

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    Great video but I'm still not convinced, this is just too coincidental:-

    With the recent changes to production and movement to Thailand, I'm not surprised there might be a bit of mucking about with moulds plus as these are a Disney Store exclusive they may be different to Mattel usual range anyway (the rest of them are), I'd heard somewhere before that the Disney Store cars are made by the same factories as Mattel Cars (can't verify that) and if that is true then why have the Disney Store cars always been of a lesser quality, penny pinching?

    I guess we will know for certain on the 30th July but it really wouldn't surprise me if these are the same cars. I wait with great anticipation!

    Regardless of it all I still think they are great looking cars!


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      Hi Rippers. Are these Cars from the Disneystore also going to be 1:55 or are they in the Disney-Store 1:43 Scale?

      At any rate the missing part-numbers on all interior parts are a big indicator for a knock-off. Typical fake-scenario: Outside almost or as good as the original - inside lacking all details, that the original has.

      You never know. Maybe they produced and packed regular knock-off McQueens already for a while, until they decided -inspired by the upcoming Disney-Store releases- to take it to a new level. Then these McQueens got out of a sudden so much attention, that sooner or later somebody would investigate them closer.

      The result of that would be, that people (and Mattel) would get ahold of the fact, that there are very well made knock-offs out. That is some sort of PR, that a knockoff factory certainly does not want to have. It would explain, why they disappeared so fast from the market again.

      Just speculation of course... We will see in a few weeks.


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        It's exciting stuff, my money is on these being the real deal but cheaper versions for the Disney Store.

        I don't collect the Disney Store stuff so if they do come out in 1:43 I doubt I'd buy them anyway.

        Lady's and Gentle Cars place your bets!


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          Rippers! Lets place the bets My money is on fake!


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            on the video it says that these have clear windows and that all lmq's do not.
            i have just opened the new cars encyclopaedia with the DK exclusive hudson hornet lightning mcqueen and this has see through windows.


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              The standard LMQ which it was compared to isn't strictly right either

              The World Flag Cars have the same face plate as the Cars 2 Launcher LMQ (pic from TFAD)


              So maybe someone needs to drill open one of these LMQ's to see how they compare? has a yellow/white/blue LMQ been opened as well to compare?


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                Hi djjd21, sorry for the maybe stupid question, but what is meant with "DK exclusive". The regular !:55 Hudson Hornet McQueen that we have in our collection does not have see through windows.

                BTW i didnīt say all McQueens. I just said that we were not able to find any LMQ release, with windows being clear to that extend.

                Maybe they do exist, and just didnīt cross OUR path yet


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                  @ Rippers

                  We have 3 "Customs" alltogether. 2 are recolorations of the regular version (white and blue) with same same mouth expression like the reg Mattel release we used as "original" in the video.

                  Just the "Japanese" version has the launcher mouth expression.

                  We drilled one of the white recolorations apart and compared it to the reg LMQ with exactly the same mouth expression.

                  Right now i am holding an original Launcher LMQ in my hand (with the smiley mouth) and compare it to the Japan country version (with smiley mouth). Result: Orig has also no clear windows (fogged out), the base is significantly different - especially in area of the mouth part + the slightly visible tongue is extra painted too on the oringinal red launcher LMQ.


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                    Fakes or not; they are interesting and collectable cars
                    If a seller can get top dollar for them- than that's great for the seller
                    The Disney Stores have a special promo coming out using country LMQ's. No one yet knows if they will be 1:43 or 1:55 scale
                    If they are 1:43 scale, I have a sense that the 1:55 ones many of us bought are either prototypes used to color/decal test for the larger 1:43 scale, or as has been heard before, a soon to be released super chase set.


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                      the new dk exclusive is the metallic hudson hornet lightning mcqueen included with the cars encyclopaedia,i beg your pardon.
                      the windows are in fact made from a blue tinted see through acrylic.
                      here's a few macro shots of it.


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                        For me the magic was, that these were made right in front of Mattels nose as "factory customs" on their machines. Even better if they would have been upcoming super chase releases. I just donīt see it. Not with these parts. I will stick to my opinion, that they are fakes. But i agree with you cvc1968, of course they are interesting and a nice addition to a collection. Just wanted to give a heads up


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                          Great macro shots, djjd21... interesting thoughts about the Cars, cvc1968...

                          ToyPitStop - we know how you feel about these Cars... please post an introduction in the new members thread and share your thoughts in some of the other topics on the site.

                          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                            @ djjd21

                            Thank you for taking the shots, it is much appreciated. Also thank you for pointing me in the direction with the cars encyclopaedia. Last time i checked it wasnīt available yet Amazon. I will head right over and order one One last question if you donīt mind: Are the windows like clear-clear or are they fogged out?


                            Will do


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                              they are not true transparent and are fogged as are the other lmq's from cars 2 i have loose.

                              and welcome to the site