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1st Anniversary Contests are now closed

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  • 1st Anniversary Contests are now closed

    We're getting close to the 1st Anniversary of we've had a few members come and go... hopefully we'll be getting to the point soon where people come and stay... once we see new Cars in the stores, I think enthusiasm for Cars will pick up and "we'll be back in the race".

    I want to thank Rippers for all his work in setting up the site and for giving me the opportunity to take over as the owner of Many thanks.

    Many thanks as well to MrBrownstone - thank you for jumping in as co-owner when asked this morning and your promotion to site Administrator as well... Thank you, pirelliboy, for your work as moderator... thank you to all who have made contributions to the site... I know madbob made contributions to the banner and some of the graphics we display... I hope I'm not leaving anyone out... We hope you continue to do so.

    We plan on making a few changes to the site to make it better for you... PCD was created by fans of Cars for fans of Cars... We hope to add a couple more moderators and get contributions from members throughout the world.

    We're hoping for a great 2nd year and hope that you come along with us for the ride... from the Piston Cup to the World Grand Prix... from Radiator Springs and Route 66 to the World Grand Prix cities and the skies filled with Planes... and whatever new adventures the World of Cars brings our way.


    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Long live PCD!


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      good luck with the site chris, praise does go to rippers for setting up the site (even if he is an estate agent)


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        congratulations chris,thoroughly deserved my friend.
        happy birthday also to PCD ,hope the next year will be as succesful as the first.i know i'm here for the ride


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          We will certainly be around still in time to come Great site packed with loads of great info and friendly people..what more could you need!?


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            Yes, big thanks go out to Rippers for creating this site and also to all the members who still come on here to post despite the poor cars availability that we've been experiencing

            Myself and Chris have a few ideas on changes to make to the site and we'll be implementing those over the next few weeks

            If you have any ideas on improvements for the site, please let us know and if you can "bring a friend along too" please do so...


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              Congrats to everyone who made this site and administrates it. A very successful year! I like the new modifications to the site, well done.


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                1st Anniversary Contests start on Monday May 7

                We'll be starting various contests to help celebrate the first anniversary of on Monday May 7...

                More details to follow... but you can go ahead and start satisfying the conditions needed to win if you haven't already done so.

                We'll be awarding multiple prizes... for the Anniversary contests, we'll do a random drawing...

                Tier 1 prizes include: MattyCollector Barry Diesel, Target 2010 Mater Saves Christmas Boxed Set, Cars2 3 pack with Holley with wings, Trunkov, and Acer, and an in-baggie ToysRUS Sidewall Shine Promo Cars
                Tier 2 prizes include: Faux Wheel Drive promo Car in baggie, Kmart Rubber Tires 3 pack with Lightning McQueen, Faux Wheel Drive, and Gask-Its..
                Tier 3 prizes include variious Cars and Cars2 singles.

                Here are the basic rules:

                All entrants must post an Introduction in the new members thread - this includes people who have been posting for weeks or months but haven't done that.
                All entrants must post in the Anniversary Contest Entry thread - limit of 1 entry - this will be posted on Monday May 7.
                All entrants must make at least 5 additional posts during the contest...

                We'll also have two screen capture contests with prizes during the 2 weeks of the contest (1 each week).

                Prize winners must pay shipping costs.

                No moderators or administrators are eligible to win prizes but may enter.

                We intend to also have two bonus prizes for posting a comment on a new article; I'll have a new article ready for the contest start and one for the second week as well.

                We want to be one of the Cars sites that you read and post comments on.

                I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                  I must say this is a great site that is easy to use and since I joined Ive found so much information out and talked to many collectors who collect and enjoy Disney Cars and thank all those who have helped me in the past. Heres to a promising next year of Cars collecting and hopefully Mattel pulling more than there finger out.


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                    Great contest, and a brilliant way to boost the activity on this wonderful site! Thanks you guys!


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                      I will donate a 'special' custom Cars2 Apple Car made from a Francesco body to the contest. It looks very cool


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                        Wow - thanks for the special donation, Conrad! I may have to resign as Administrator in order to win it...

                        Just kidding about resigning as Administrator.

                        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                          Hi Chris
                          Anything I can do to support you and this website, just ask
                          You said you may need a Canadian moderator; if you still do, does that mean I cannot win any of these as well???


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                            Sounds like a great way to give us all a much needed boost since mattel arent giving much away lol


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                              Great stuff Chris! Thanks for the donation of the Apple Francesco, Conrad! For once I'm glad I'm not a moderator!

                              I'm sure this will be a huge success. PCD is a great place to be. We may not have as much info or traffic as other sites but we've sure got the community. The folks here are great and there's no way to replace that. I anxiously await Monday! (never thought I'd say that! )