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    I just had an expensive trip to tesco at £5.95 each (though it's crazy that the regular line are still £6.99!). On a side note, the packaging on these new cars is very cheap and nasty, kind of feels like you're getting an oversized hot wheels for £6 (which I know we are but at least the packaging used to make them feel sort of special!). Fortunately mine will be ripped open by a frenzied six year old who probably isn't going to mind about that. The same tesco had both of the recent deluxe cases in stock for 7.50.

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      Originally posted by BirchTiger View Post
      My local tesco also had the deluxe down to £7.50

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      found them down to 3 quid, unfortunately got beaten to it as there were none left


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        sticking to my guns and not buying yet, took a great deal of will power, of course if they had of been at a sensible price that might have been more difficult


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          Not sure if this is common knowledge or not but I saw the cars 3 stock today that TRU has behind the scenes (not allowed to put on shelves yet). They had the deluxe case and the 2 packs but no singles yet. The deluxe case sadly had 2 macks, 2 reds and only 1 each of the new fire engine and the crazy school bus. The 2 packs had 2 of most things but there was only one of the van and mini sets. I think the other set without a duplicate was the headset chick one. No prices yet but hopefully we will find out soon when they hit the shelves!

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            Great finds, BirchTiger! Great finds, VANDANCE... good to see that Deluxe have dropped in price as well... some US stores have tried to clear out older Cars in advance of the launch of Cars 3 Cars.

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              Been an expensive day today, here is what i found

              Toys R Us:
              Singles, Deluxe and 2 packs at one store, Just Deluxe and 2 pack at another store and absolutely no cars 3 products at the largest store i visited.

              Only singles


              Singles, Racing 3-Pack at £16.97 and the 6 boxed McQueens priced at £7.97 (Ouch)
              They also finally had the Road Trippin' Mack at £21.97


              I was also surprised to see a new Road Trip 3-pack with Van, Mini and McQueen at £21.97



              I like how it says 'recreate your favorite movie moments' when there is no road trip movie or short.
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                I have just been looking on some UK sites and have found some new things.

                Toys R Us:

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 Radiator Springs Character Cars (Only at Toys R Us)

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 Die-Cast Vehicle 10 Pack (Only at Toys R Us)

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 Die-Cast 5 Pack (Only at Toys R Us)

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 Oversized Die-Cast Vehicle - Dr Damage

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 Oversized Die-Cast Crazy Crashers - Arvy

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 Radiator Springs Oversized Die-Cast Vehicle - Tractor

                I also found some new RS Classic singles last week, i cant quite remember what there was but there was one eye mater and DJ.


                Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:55 Rex Revler Vehicle

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:55 N20 Cola Vehicle

                Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:55 Bobby Swift Vehicle


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                  nice pics, where was pic 3 taken?


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                    Pic 3 (The McQueens) was taken from Asda.


                    • Anyone know if we will get the Desert Race 11 pack in the UK? I hope we do


                      • Great Toys R US display and great finds, rossibutton! I think I saw some of the Road Trip Cars in a commercial for a trailer somewhere, one time.

                        Where did you find the Road Trip boxed set - was it at Asda as well?

                        Toys R US in the US had the best display that I saw on the first day of Cars 3 sales... I did not buy much because it was expensive and I'd bought items elsewhere.

                        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


                        • Yes, the Road Trip box set was from Asda. I have visited 2 large Asda's and they had 4 box sets at each.
                          They seemed to have been put out with the cars 3 cars.

                          If anybody wants any for trade then i can see if i can get hold of any but it might be a while until i see a large Asda again.
                          The Cars 3 Toys R Us display was a lot smaller than when the Cars 2 line was released so i was slightly disappointed.


                          • was in asda today ,saw the road trip 3 pack, wasnt priced, cant believe it is 21.97, that couldnt be right, or maybe it is
                            finally got into disney and had a root about, their 1.43s work out near enough the same as mattels 1.55, maybe these may be a better option
                            bought a nice big and heavy miss fritter at 15.99, it certainly looks the part, will keep my receipt!


                            • oversize now in tesco at 10.50, fritter and fire truck look good, but the bigger disney one i got yesterday is better value for money I reckon


                              • We've seen quite a lot of Cars 3 stuff around, singles, deluxe, 2-packs etc.

                                We've decided not to collect any of them. As card collectors we think the Cars 3 card design is just plain rubbish.

                                More importantly, there are so many new cars, too many to collect and way too expensive for our budget!

                                It's a sad way to end our Cars collecting especially as we're really looking forward to the film when it's released in the UK in July!