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Great Britain & Northern Ireland Finds (Part 1)

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  • Great Britain & Northern Ireland Finds (Part 1)

    good find in smyths, nifty nigel
    forgot to say, that the little wooden twin packs are down to a fiver in tru, quite neat really
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    tkmax - found a funny car mater, fillmore/mcq travel wheels, hamilton launcher, couple of qc nigels - useful to e bayers I suppose,
    they also had the cars 2 book reduced down to 6 quid, a bargain


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      Your TK Maxx is better than most in the Greater London area (West/South/East). I've only found The Queen, Miles/Tokyo Party Staff and a few Uncle/Mama Topolinos over the past few weeks. I'm not complaining about them, but as there are so many TK Maxx stores in my area (and some really big ones at that), I would have thought that they would get more Cars stuff in as it quite clearly sells, unless it's a Nigel Gearsley Quick Changer; there's loads of them and they don't sell!

      I have seen the odd launcher and lights and sounds too. We haven't collected the launchers and the lights and sounds weren't particularly cheap at £7.99 a pop! That's only a £1 less than most regular stockists are charging! If it was say £4.99, we might be interested!

      I did see some Race O Rama mugs for £1.49 in Poundstretcher (Sunderland) but as I was going to football, I thought that there was no way they'd let me take them in, so I gave them a miss. Ironically, they didn't even search my bag, so I could've bought them! After the game, I was in a hurry to catch a Metro back to Newcastle for my connection back to London!

      Whilst I was out on the road, I thought I'd take a look at various stores. TRU have loads of 'Special Finns', quite a few TRU Exclusive Raoul, Miguel and Francesco Metallic, still at £7.99 each! Loads of McQueen and Francesco Lights and sounds at £8.49 plus various other bits and pieces. They have loads of early Cars 2 double/movie moments at £8.99. I don't believe that they will be getting anything new for some time to come, if at all. One line that did sell well and looks to have sold out is the Radiator Springs Classic singles. It's even more of a surprise that the line had been dropped (in the UK) before it was completed! I wonder why TRU in the UK has significantly different stocks to that in mainland Europe?


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        I was in Argos in Ayr today, asked to see what cars they had, i was given a waiting a time of 3 minutes - I then had to wait 15 minutes, my imagination was running away with me that they were bringing me up lots of different cars from the store room, Imagine my pleasure when they arrived with 2 different cars - a finn and a mater. Not a happy chappy!


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          sorry about that Junior but that made me smile. Its hard out there


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            yep , been there and done that , junior, thats argos for you
            in our tescos twin packs are back up to a tenner, maybe its n anticipation of the new ranges
            now if memory serves me correctly, they were priced at 8.50 for yonks, couple of weeks ago they went to 6.50 and now there are back up
            the actual stock they have are all the same, about 8 of ,em and they have been there for ages, what are they Ihere you ask, well its mater and zen, how very exciting!!!!


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              I thought it was a bit of a surprise that Argos was one of the 2013 launch partners. They are a bit hit and miss. The one where I live (the town that is; I don't actually live in the store) just chucks all the cars in one big box and hides it away somewhere! Unsurprisingly, the cards and blister packs get damaged! It's a big store, so they have room to put some on display. I suggested that to the manager and he just glazed over! After a short pause, he said that if they were on display some cars would get stolen! I wasn't suggesting put them on the shop floor or by the door, he just didn't understand. It's no better not selling products and then having to discount heavily to get rid of stocks than having a few stolen!

              They have 44 old cars and haven't had any new stocks in since November 2011 as he said 'the cars don't sell!' You just can't help some people! The Argos near my office is completely different. It's a small store. They actually sold 72/75 cars since October! They put some on display and hey presto the sell loads! It's not rocket science! I asked the manager why they hadn't got their stocks in today as promised. He said that they thought they had been allocated 48 cars, but when checking the system, no branches were allocated stocks, they had to order from the warehouse! He said the system confirmed that there was a huge Cars order delivered to Argos distribution centre in Stafford yesterday. As he mentioned Stafford, I know he was telling the truth!

              First it was Mattel who were late with their delivery and now Argos systematically failed to get the product to their stores! At least Smyths did get stock into stores and on the shelves! And they gave me the case to take the cars away in!

              Note that Fabrizio and Sir Harley Gassup have finally turned up on international cards on eBay!


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                the bath argos always seems to have their cars stock on display - initially in full display of the shop and currently in the aisle that you wait in to pay at the tills

                however, it is still 2012 stock there at the moment


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                  Smyths toys had 4 cases of silver racers today,priced at £5.99 each. Standard singles were £5.49


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                    Shops around here have a really bad selection, argos, debenhams, tesco, sainsburys, tru, tkmaxx, asda, wilkinson, morrison and disney store all visited at the weekend. Even Hot Wheels selections have been bad in most stores over the last 3 weeks. So it looks like cars will be £6 in store from now that's $9.50 a car, hate to think what Europe will be!


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                      A friend in Holland confirmed that the silver racers are being sold for €9.99 EURO (£8.69 GBP) ($13.47 USD) and that standard singles are €7.99 EURO (£6.95 GBP) ($10.77 USD) ~ Ouch! He also said that Deluxe and Movie Moments were €15.99 EURO (£13.90 GBP) ($21.55 USD).

                      OK, the Pound is very weak compared to the Euro, but they are outrageous prices nonetheless! Crikey, for that reason alone, I'm glad we didn't join the Euro (amongst 61 million other reasons)!


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                        Nothing at all in my area....


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                          came across a suki in longwell green asda today - there were also two lewis' and miles' which suggests case J which would be the first new case i've seen in there

                          tru, home bargains and tk maxx were blow outs


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                            I renamed the thread Great Britain and Northern Ireland Finds (Part 1)... please continue to post your finds in this thread until one of the moderators opens Part 2 in the future.

                            Many thanks!

                            It is a shame that Cars are as expensive as they are.

                            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                              quick scoot round yesterday on way to picking up rellys, found miq and petro in tk,s, if anyone wants to trade, pm me or else i,ll take them back

                              nn, good fa cup at weekend, what did you see?
                              we went to the final of the iron bru league cup on sat night, crusaders/cliftonville, believe it was on sky, as for the score enough said about that, we wos thumped 4 nil