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    I got 62 today, Filmore.


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      Found 3 pack of Metallic Sterling today. I've also seen that they released a 15 pack with N20 and Sterling but I have no idea where to find it. anyone know?


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        Great minis finds, Tony Rice and EjTronic!

        I have yet to find Fillmore (#62) or the Metallic Sterling 3 pack... To answer your question about the 15 pack with N2O Cola and Sterling, EjTronic, it's been found at a few Target stores... it's what we'd call the second "wave" or release of the 15 packs... however, any Target I've been to has way too many of the first 15 pack - I'm not paying $30 plus tax for 2 minis that I don't have so I won't have them in my collection.

        I still have taking pictures of the minis 3 packs on my To-Do list - hopefully sometime this week after the Easter holiday.

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